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El Camino de los Vientos 2020
  • El Camino de los Vientos 2020

El Camino de los Vientos 2020

Matthieu Saglio / ACT 2020 / CD


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After leading or collaborating on around twenty records in various projects, the composer and cello-player Matthieu Saglio looks inward to make a balance of his whole career.
There you have it in your hands; its name is El Camino de los vientos (The way of the winds). A unique and peculiar way, nevertheless influenced by the winds, some of the winds, changeable and astonishing. The artist’s inspiration, submitted to the swing of the discoveries and merges he encounters on his way. Ultimately his musical life, but in this instance accompanied by a cast of artists uttermost noble. It speaks to us about his growing prestige on the jazz, fusion and new music scene. You’re standing with no doubt in front of his most mature piece of work, which can be travelled through like a journey without time.
In La llamada del muezzin, the opening track, the eternal Orient promptly emerges, but also some Celtic rhythms, a baroque chaconne and the drums of the Iranian player Bijan Chemirani.
This record gathers a very special double merit: unheard tracks flowing so efficiently that one believes having heard them before on a rainy afternoon in a Parisien café, like Bolero Triste, with Vincent Peirani on the accordeon, or Sur le chemin with Léo Ullmann on the violin, side by side with new versions like Caravelle, with Nguyên Lê on the guitar, where only at the very end one discovers that Maurice Ravel is being paid tribute.
Thera is some funky, slow and fin-de-siècle, very much to the taste of the author, like Amanecer, with the trumpet of the Norwegian Nils Petter Molvaer, and also the groans of Africa in Metit, with the voices of the Senegalese Abdoulaye N´Diaye and of Matthieu’s three sons -Teo, Marco and Gael-, like a choir of caresses towards the shipwrecked people of the Mediterranean. In Atman (soul in Hindi), echoes from India are summoned up through the voice of his brother Camille.
El abrazo is the track where the author is confronted with the final farewell of a relative, his granddad, and the cello is about to burst out in sorrow and emotion. Tiempo para soñar gathers the two unconditional partners of Matthieu since he settled in Valencia some twenty years ago, the singer Isabel Julve and the guitarist Ricardo Esteve, until suddenly, like a mad horse, the electric bass guitar of the grand Carlos Benavent barges in. In Las sirenas, another form of musical eclecticism, the French-American Steve Shehan modulates his drumming to point out the immersive creation of mystery… The partners of this production haven’t been considered as simple guests. All of them had their range of freedom and brought their inspiration and inimitable personal mark. The result is spectacular. The solos and improvisations of the album form a breath-taking translation of the human thinking thread.
The journey that started in the minaret of a mosque ends up in the apse of a cathedral. In Les cathédrales, the last track, Matthieu Saglio shows himself to us alone with his cello, without sequences nor bases, in dialogue with his soul, as J.S. Bach would do so many times in St Thomas of Leipzig. An enlightened instant in which the creator thinks about all the good things he found along his way: textures of notes, resounding sensations, conches’ echoes, the wind of the sounds that arise from the depths of the human adventure, projecting itself towards the future through initiative mediators like himself.


Matthieu Saglio: cello & vocals & composition

Nguyên Lê (guitar)

Nils Petter Molvaer (trumpet)

Carles Benavent (bass guitar)

Vincent Peirani (accordion)

Steve Shehan (percussions, etc.)

Bijan Chemirani (percussions)

Léo Ullmann (violin)

Camille Saglio (voice)

Ricardo Esteve (flamenco guitar)

Isabel Julve (voice)

Abdoulaye N’Diaye (voice)

Teo, Marco, Gael Saglio Pérez (vocals)




Data sheet

Ricardo Esteve
flamenco guitar
Matthieu Saglio
cello & vocals & composition
Isabel Julve
Abdoulaye N’Diaye
Léo Ullmann
Teo, Marco, Gael Saglio Pérez
Bijan Chemirani
Steve Shehan
percussions, etc.
Vincent Peirani
Carles Benavent
bass guitar
Nils Petter Molvaer
Nguyên Lê
Camille Saglio