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Cello Solo 2009
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Cello Solo 2009

Matthieu Saglio / Autoprod. 2009 / CD


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To be present during the creation of a talented piece of work is similar to experiencing the big bang. During this tumultuous but fleeting moment, the work, up till then captive in the artist’s mind, takes flight to define the outline of a new world. The audience who had the privilege of discovering “Cello Solo” during the first two shows, in Madrid then Alicante in February 2009, have shared this magical moment. In just over an hour, with his cello as the only mean of expression, Matthieu Saglio has given birth to a universe inhabited by a rich and sensitive artistic vision, a musical aurora borealis.

If what preceded the original big bang remains a mystery, the elaboration of “Cello Solo” results from a lengthy gestation, from the melding of the musician’s many experiences. Matthieu Saglio is a tight-rope walker who can conceive music only on a thread. A thread patiently twisted, which he tightens as a link between himself and the public throughout “Cello Solo”. A thread that vibrates with a thousand emotions, creating an enchanted interlude. A thread that entwines the musical pages of an unclassifiable travel diary, simple but deeply moving.

Gabriel Omnès


Matthieu Saglio: cello, sampler, composition


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Matthieu Saglio
cello, sampler, composition