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Cello Solo Live 2013
  • Cello Solo Live 2013

Cello Solo Live 2013

M. Saglio & E. Garrido / Autoprod. 2013 / CD


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Recorded Live at Corral de Comedias de Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain)

Presenting my work at the Corral de Comedias in Alcalá de Henares - one of the oldest theaters in Europe - has been a privileged moment for me. I had heard of this theater a long time ago. When I was finally able to visit it, I fell in love with this place steeped in history and whose ideal proportions combine the magic of theaters with the proximity of a small auditorium. It was immediately clear to me that it was the ideal place to record a Cello Solo live. Of course, it was essential to have Emilio Garrido, an irreplaceable friend and tour partner.
The opportunity arose in February 2013 and the object you have in your hands is the result. I hope this record conveys the charm and warmth that permeated those two unforgettable nights.
matthieu saglio


Matthieu Saglio: cello, voice, sampler, composition

Emilio Garrido: texts, voice


Data sheet

Matthieu Saglio
cello, voice, sampler, composition
Emilio Garrido
texts, voice