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Voices 2023
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Voices 2023

Matthieu Saglio Quartet & Guests / ACT 2023 / CD


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With this album, I wanted to pay tribute to the voices of the world, of men, women, of all ages, of all languages... the voice as the essence of humanity. The voice which differentiates each person and at the same time gathers and unifies.

With the wonderful musicians of my quartet, their creativity and their generosity, and the cello as the guiding thread of this adventure.

Some made-to-measure compositions, dreaming each of the guests and imagining their worlds meeting mine. Immense happiness when dreams have come true.

All my gratitude to the tremendous forces that surround me and always the desire to pursue the search for beauty, emotion, and human communion.

I hope 'Voices' will make you vibrate, sing, dance, cry...


Matthieu Saglio: cello & vocals & composition

Steve Shehan: percussion & drums

Christian Belhomme: piano & keyboard

Léo Ullmann: violin




Voices – a documentary by Jorge Molina:

Data sheet

Matthieu Saglio
cello & vocals & composition
Léo Ullmann
Steve Shehan
percussion & drums
Christian Belhomme
piano & keyboard
With the voices of
Susana Baca (Peru), Alim Qasimov (Azerbaiyan), Natacha Atlas (Egypt), Nils Landgren (Sweden), Wasis Diop (Senegal), Anna Colom (Spain), Camille Saglio (France)…. and Nelson Mandela.